The Importance of Videos for Your Link Building


The Importance of Videos for Your Link Building


“Link building is very important to keep your pages well positioned on the main search engines and investing in videos can help a lot in this strategy.”

Link building is probably one of the most important subjects in terms of SEO. In the past, it was basically just getting links from any site, as long as the source site had a good Page Rank.

However, this is all in the past. Nowadays, it is much more complex and difficult to implement link building with quality. The big question is: how do I generate a large number of quality and relevant links for my website? Among so many possible answers, it is interesting to highlight one: videos.

Firstly, it is worthwhile to understand more deeply what Link Building is.

Why is Link Building important for your positioning?

In general, Google understands that each link to a given page is a vote of credibility.

Each vote, in turn, is treated as a demonstration of the page’s popularity. The greater the number of votes for a page, the greater the popularity, and thus the greater the chance of being well positioned on Google.

Sites referenced by everyone, such as, for example, have a multitude of external links and therefore for all new content, it will possibly be in the top positions of Google.

However, just having a plethora of links does not guarantee that a website is popular. Some factors influence the effective weight of each link. Sites of greater importance have a greater weight. Pages closer to your niche also tend to generate a more significant result.

It is very common to have sites with more than 100 referenced domains but that in fact do not receive any impact from this, as they are unimportant links.

Roughly speaking, content marketing is responsible for creating pages that will position themselves for Google, and Link Building will ensure that those pages have a great weight to be ahead of your competitors in search engines. Both strategies need to be together to function in a competitive environment.

The importance of link building is not limited to SEO. It is clear that a well-designed strategy can not only improve your positioning but also generate more direct traffic to your website which can increase your conversion.

If you still don’t believe in the importance of Link Building, take a look at what Rand Fishkin, from Moz and one of the greatest SEO authorities in the world, recently stated in a post:

”In my opinion, link building makes sense when it meets certain conditions. We know from our own experiments, data correlation, Google’s own claims and a series of market data that links are still needed when it comes to climbing the rankings ”

How to do Link Building in 2021?

Understanding the theory is easy, the big question that has not yet been resolved is how to get these relevant links. What is modern today is the use of techniques known as digital advice with a focus on Link Building.

The basis of this process is to create rich content that has a strong appeal to other sites in your niche – or complete niche – and to carry out an active process of prospecting sites for publication and link to your site.

When I talk about rich content, I mean basically materials like infographics, surveys done by your company, interesting graphics or videos.

Note that the process of creating this material is a key point in the number of links that this type of strategy can generate. It needs to be visually appealing, to have interesting content that has some mental trigger (among all I would highlight humor) and above all not be something focused on your company specifically.

No website will “naturally” want to publish its content to serve as pure advertising. It is important that it is something related to your company but at the same time work on content that has a great acceptance.

Want an example? If your site operates in the tourism niche, you can make an infographic relating the cities of Game of Thrones to Brazilian cities.

Once you have quality content, the process becomes prospecting and contacting possible sites that would be interested in publishing that content given the social relevance for its audience. Always remember to ask to link to the site.

With this type of strategy it is possible to obtain a series of “natural” links from quality and relevant sites.

Using videos in the strategy

It is important to repeat that this process depends essentially on the quality of the material created. Something of poor quality will never get many links. Infographics usually have a good grip, but if there is one thing that can guarantee success it is the incorporation of videos as the material itself.

Among all types of content that guarantee more attention to the public, it is undoubtedly videos. According to survey data from the Pew Search Center, 47% of users believe that the main reason they use Facebook is to watch videos of their friends and pages. As a consequence, it is obvious that this type of content has tremendous potential in terms of public acceptance of any website that will publish a video.

In addition to the potential for link building, having videos on your site can give you strength in terms of internal optimization. When Google scans a website, it looks for several indicators that show page quality, relevance and keywords. A video adds value to all of these points. In addition, videos also increase the time spent on the page, a quality indicator that increasingly gains relevance in SEO.

Investing in videos can be a key point in allowing you to get new links to your website. If you want to start developing this strategy, remember a few tips:

  • The video content should generate some emotion.
  • Try to relate themes of your market with current themes (timing is very important).
  • Prefer smaller content (They have greater capacity to generate links).
  • Do not use platforms like YouTube for publication, as it is likely that links will be made to the video on Youtube instead of your website.
  • Prefer platforms like Samba Tech, Samba Vídeos, where you can place your videos within your own website, ensuring that your entire strategy generates links to these pages.

Link building is something that has more and more strength in the modern digital world and increasingly requires a complete and well done job. The use of videos is perfect to ensure that your site generates quality links.

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