Best Strategies for Effective Link Building

Link Building

Best Strategies for Effective Link Building


Today, let’s focus on different strategies to create a network of links that attract more readers to our website and allow us to create authority among the many alternatives of websites that exist.

We will now talk about some of the most used for its ease and good price:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Links in social networks
  • Comments with links

What is Guest Blogging?

This type of link building strategy is done through writing a post for a third party blog. In this post, you will put a link that goes directly to our own website. In return, this blog will also write a post linking to its own site. The goal is to mutually reinforce the popularity of both sites.

This type of strategy is the most recommended, because it is based on the natural creation of organic content that links to our website. The more authority and recognition the blog with which we link has, the better results we will obtain. For this type of strategy, you need to email different websites and ask for an option to create editorial links and carry out the strategy.

This is a very economical strategy if you carry out an exchange, but this also makes it less effective since Google can realize this “change of links”, therefore, we offer an economic Link Building strategy in Blogs and without exchange links.

Link building on social media

Nowadays, social networks are an indispensable tool to promote our website, but the restrictions on publications with links force us to carry out very well-designed link building strategies. Otherwise we run the risk of being classified as spam and suffer different penalties.

Putting links to our own content is a very effective way to generate “engagement” among readers, keeping them interested in the updates and the type of publications we make.

The main social networks for sharing links and tags (hashtags) include Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. The key is to create the most attractive content for readers, with eye-catching titles, good images, and that more traffic reaches our website through the links on social networks.

Create comments with links

Another strategy for building effective link building is the use of comments on posts. These comments will include links to our website, always respecting a careful theme or style so that they are not considered junk or “spam” comments. In this case, the most common strategy is to enter a third party’s website, and add our links in the comments.

The key here is to implement this strategy in a way that these comments are not detected as spam.  The contents have to be well designed, thinking about the added value for the user, since simply putting a link will end with sanctions for our website.

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